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Marks & Spencer is First Retailer to Gain SCC’s CCTV Certification

FOUR Security Consultants Ltd have worked in partnership with Marks and Spencer’s Head of Corporate Security, Clint Reid, to obtain the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s CCTV certification in compliance with its CCTV Code of Practice. M&S is the first ever retailer in the UK to achieve this certification.

Protecting its customers and people by providing a safe and secure shopping and working environment is crucially important to M&S. M&S realised that adopting the CCTV Code of Practice would provide transparency and consistency throughout its operations.

Implementing the code has provided many benefits, for example, cost reduction through value management and rationalisation of CCTV systems against need and purpose. Further benefits have been obtained through a reduction in the installation program, which has reduced cost and minimised retail disruption.  The standard has been implemented throughout the organization from Head Office, Distribution Centres to Retail Stores. Implementation has improved quality measurement, supported by a comprehensive audit and review program.

In addition, the certification has uplifted the profile of CCTV within M&S. It is an important source of operational information and the increased awareness of M&S’s CCTV capability, together with the quality of its CCTV product, has resulted in managers being more willing to use the data to help them realise operational and commercial benefits.

Both M&S and FOUR Security Consultants hope this will inspire other retailers to achieve certification, thus improving the standards of operation of CCTV within the retail sector.

Clint Reid, Marks and Spencer’s Head of Corporate Security, says: “We are pleased to continue our partnership with FOUR Security and are optimistic about the potential improvements in protecting our people and working environment that gaining the SCC CCTV certification will bring.”

Adrian Wilmshurst, Chief Executive, adds: “We praise the vision and tenacity of Clint and his team in realising the importance of gaining certification and the hard work they put in, helping us achieve it with them.”