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FOUR Security Upgrade CCTV for Marks & Spencer

FOUR Security have completed an extensive upgrade to Marks & Spencer's CCTV system at their Bradford distribution centre. The design incorporated security, operational and data compliance considerations.

FOUR Security were appointed to identify, design, and implement a legally compliant, operationally effective and commercially beneficial CCTV system at Marks & Spencer’s major distribution centre in Bradford. M&S wanted an effective and efficient CCTV system that adheres to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s code of practice.

Director of FOUR Security comments: “We bring together the key people at an early stage of the design. This means we designed a system that supports Marks and Spencer’s operational delivery and data compliance requirements. Bringing all of the parties together provides a great opportunity to raise everyone’s awareness of the standards and legislation required to operate a CCTV system that is technically compliant and meets CCTV competency standards”.

Nick Russell, Marks & Spencer’s build project manager adds: “Security is always a key concern for us but we also want schemes that are of high compliance standards in terms of legislation and processes. This means we end up with a cost-effective and efficient CCTV system that is value for money”.

By combining technical and compliance considerations together, we can deliver commercial benefits to our clients. Our experience is that a compliant system is also an effective and efficient system, where every camera and piece of equipment is sited to provide maximum efficiency. We appreciate the importance of cost-effectiveness to our clients and adopting a risk-based approach enables us to rationalise security systems that are proportionate to our client’s security and operational risks.

For more information please contact Adrian Wilmshurst on 01780 755751