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FOUR Security Intelligent Asset Protection

FOUR Security (in partnership with Marks & Spencer) have developed a new business intelligence tool, Intelligent Asset Protection (IAP), in support of loss prevention and asset protection methods.

Having knowledge and an understanding of data in relation to loss prevention in retail is a key element of a successful Loss Prevention strategy. 

One of the findings from a recent survey into retail loss prevention undertaken by Dr Martin Gill for Perpetuity Research highlighted the increasing need for business intelligence based on accurate data surrounding loss and shrinkage.

Comments from retailers about the value of business intelligence included: “This is the key enabler of my strategy. Having the insight to drive ownership at the strategic level [is vital]” and “We focus more and more on data mining, it is something we use regularly”.


FOUR Group has been working with a number of retailers to create a powerful business intelligence tool for tracking losses, as well as an asset database. Its Intelligent Asset Protection (IAP) tool is a proven online solution that enables retailers to trend and analyse information into actionable intelligence in order to develop accurate loss prevention resolutions and preventative measures. It also provides retailers with an accurate database of security assets.


Clint Reid, Head of Corporate Security at Marks and Spencer, and sponsor of the research report states: “We have been working closely with FOUR Group to develop their IAP solution. We are finding it invaluable in being able to track losses against security measures in force, by store and region.”

FOUR Group’s Intelligent Asset Protection tool has been developed by Director, Matt Cayton. Matt Cayton adds: “We were gratified to hear that retailers are taking far greater interest in collating and analysing data about losses, to aid prevention. We are developing our system with a number of retailers at present and hope that we can play a part in sharing data about best practice and loss prevention in future.”

For a free demo of Four Group’s Intelligent Asset Protection tool, please contact Matt Cayton on 07799 064005 or Adrian Wilmshurst on 01780 755751