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CCTV for Central Bedfordshire Council


FOUR Security, in partnership with Central Beds Council have successfully designed and installed CCTV projects compliant to the requirements of the Public Space CCTV Code of Practice, an important emerging area of compliance Local Authorities need to take recognition of. 

Four Security have established a strong and effective relationship with Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC). A number of projects have been commissioned & completed over the past eighteen months, the most recent being the design and installation of a CCTV scheme at the newly built independent living centre, Priory View. FOUR Security were also tasked to supply options & recommendations for connectivity to their CCTV monitoring station.

CBC required a high standard of design and installation to reflect their approach to public safety and responsibilities in monitoring Public Space CCTV. The design took into consideration CBC’s CCTV operational requirements and responsibilities to comply with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s CCTV Code of Practice. The design also took into consideration the privacy of the public and Priory View residents. By incorporating Privacy Impact Assessments into the design and by working in collaboration with CBC, enabled FOUR Security to deliver a CCTV system that was proportionate and compliant to the CCTV Code of Practice and meet the operational needs of CBC.

Our solution included the provision of long range Wi-Fi technology to transmit wirelessly between the CCTV cameras and CBC’s CCTV monitoring station. Existing infrastructure assets were upgraded and additional wireless infrastructure was used to reduce the environmental impact of civil engineering works and costs to CBC. The innovative use of Wi-Fi technology had a further benefit of eliminating rental costs associated with fibre optic cable. This approach had the added benefit of avoiding additional load on the corporate network of CBC.

A key requirement of the scheme was to build in capability to fully integrate the system into potential future system upgrades to the monitoring station, thereby future-proofing CBC’s CCTV technical requirements.
Rob Lawrence, CCTV Manager at Central Bedfordshire Council said: “Four Security have handled a number of successful projects for us in recent times, Priory View being the latest. We greatly value the fact they work in partnership with us, supporting our objectives, challenging our ideas, recommending practical solutions and, above all, bringing projects in on specification, time and budget.”

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