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FOUR Security Consultants were appointed to review, develop and assess the Javelin High Speed train service to the Olympic Park


London, UK venues
Public Sector

FOUR Security Consultants were appointed by the Olympic Delivery Authority(ODA) to review, develop and assess the Javelin High Speed train service to the Olympic Park. This was the first time within the UK that transport elements had worked in close operational proximity on this scale.

Phase 1 consisted of identifying the stakeholders from across the delivery, which included mainline station operators from railheads, underground stations, Last Mile Olympic operators, and retailers at the Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre. It was clear that the volume of passengers and support staff would far exceed expectations of normal operations.

Phase 2 consisted of identifying operating methods, cross-over, consequential impact, communication methods and escalation processes. The review of the integration between normally disparate operating elements was key to understanding what type of incidents and the likely impact to their operating capability.

Phase 3 developed the engagement between all stakeholders, building communication paths, escalation processes, identifying the difference between Business as Usual (BAU) and Business as Planned (BAP) and developing the decision-making tree to deliver to service.

Phase 4 was the construction of a testing programme, which would demonstrate and identify the capabilities and vulnerabilities across the Javelin Service. The testing programme was delivered and managed by FOUR within a live operating network.